Website Security

Our checkout process uses HTTPS and is secure 

Depending on your browser, you might see a "Not Secure" message on our home or product pages. This is a blanket notification now appearing on any web page not using HTTPS (SSL encryption). It does not imply this website is unsafe to explore and/or place orders.

When placing an order on our website, any payment methods involving debit or credit cards already use “HTTPS” (SSL encryption). The same applies if you choose PayPal.

Website Security

Only recently did it become necessary for non-transactional websites and pages to purchase SSL certificates, so the often misleading notification can be removed.

We are aware this notification is confusing and scary for the average customer not working in IT, Software or Web Development. Our eCommerce platform will soon release an update enabling this entire website, not just our checkout pages, to utilize HTTPS (SSL encryption).

Again, it is completely safe today to explore and shop on our website. We already have SSL encryption on all checkout methods involving online payment data (credit/debit cards). You are not at any risk placing an order today.


David Hefty
SaviSites eCommerce, Inc.